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School Uniforms

Purchasing Uniforms

Uniforms may be purchased through Educational Outfitters located near Dunwoody. You can order uniforms online or in store. If you would like to purchase uniforms elsewhere, the polos can be taken to Educational Outfitters to be embroidered for $8 a piece.
Educational Outfitters
Click Here for Website
Address: 5290 Roswell Rd Ste T, Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone: 770-702-0837

Dress Code

The dress code for students at Atlanta North School is designed to encourage neatly groomed students and to create an atmosphere of integrity and learning.

Shirts – short or long-sleeved
Polo shirts are to be chosen from light blue, bright blue, navy, white, corn yellow, red, and light gray. All shirts are to be logoed.

Pants and Shorts
Uniform pants are to be navy or khaki colors. Pants need to be no more than 4-pocket style pants. (No cargos, flares, bell-bottom, baggy etc.)

Skirts and Skorts
Skirts and skorts may be navy, khaki, or plaid (specifically chosen plaid) with modest hemlines.

Jumpers for pre-k through 4th grade may be navy, khaki, or plaid (specifically chosen plaid) with modest hemlines. All jumpers are to be logoed.

Sweatshirts with zippers, sweatshirts without zippers, and sweaters
In the cooler months sweatshirts with or without zippers and sweaters in navy or light gray may be worn. All sweatshirts and sweaters are to be logoed. No hoodies may be over the head in the building. Please clearly mark all outer items with the student’s name.

Socks and tights
Socks need to be worn, and in the cooler weather tights may be worn.

Shoes are to be flat, closed-toed and closed-heeled, and suitable for recess and PE, such as athletic shoes or flat leather shoes. All shoes need to be tied or buckled for safety. No platforms, heels, or sandals may be worn.

Head and Headwear
Hair needs to be clean, well groomed, and neat. Extreme hairstyles and hats are not permitted. Young men’s hair should be above the shirt collar.

Nails, Jewelry, and Make-up
Clear nail polish may be worn. No jewelry may be worn. Only natural looking make-up may be worn in 5th through 8th grade girls.

Backpacks and Lunchboxes
Plain or designed backpacks and lunchboxes are to be used, but with no movie characters or inappropriate messages. No wheeled backpacks are to be used.

Coats for the winter need to be brought to school during the cold weather for students to use when going outside. Please clearly mark the student’s name in each coat.

Spirit Wear
On designated days students may wear spirit wear in keeping with the designated theme of the day. All outfits needs to remain modest with no movie characters or inappropriate messages. All midriffs need to be covered, hemlines a modest length, and long length shorts.

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